Anna Sun

Software engineer with interests in natural language processing and multimodal machine learning.

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Work Experience

  • 2018-Present


    Menlo Park, CA

    Software Engineer

    • I work on building multimodal topic classification models using text, image, video, and other content features, with applications in News Feed content understanding and recommendations
    • "Transformer-based Attention Models for Topic Classification". West Coast NLP (WeCNLP), 2019
  • 2017


    Research Triangle Park, NC

    Extreme Blue Intern

    • Built time series and recommendation models to generate business analytics from API log data
    • Set up data pipelines to integrate log data, ML models, and UI
    • Conducted user interviews with customers to identify pain points and drive development
    • Presented weekly pitches to executives and presented at IBM’s North American Expo
  • 2015-2017


    Cary, NC

    SAS Solutions OnDemand Intern

    Worked on a data-driven web application using AngularJS, Python Flask, AWS to create:

    • Tree-structured data visualization with dynamically loaded monitoring data to flag instances consuming excessive resources
    • Login/authentication portal adopting token-based authentication, customizable dynamic forms
    • Service allowing users to access, sort, filter, edit, and remove data
    • Service using Amazon API Gateway to handle API calls with custom authentication
    • Tool to benchmark and visualize resource usage by polling, logging, and sending CloudWatch data to Kibana and generating graphs
    • Internal application to automatically generate and roll up weekly progress reports to management
  • 2015-2018

    Duke University

    Durham, NC

    Undergraduate Research Assistant

    • Research around contextualized word embedding approaches, polysemous word representations, and representation learning for medical data, applied to admission prediction

    Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

    • Taught weekly lab sessions for Intro to Artificial Intelligence (Python), Computer Architecture (C/C++, Java), Data Structures and Algorithms (Java), and Intro to Computer Science (Python)
    • Held weekly consulting hours to explain concepts, answer questions, debug code, give advice on algorithms, etc.


  • 2018

    BS in Computer Science, Summa Cum Laude

    Duke University

    Certificate in Markets and Management Studies